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Housing the Homeless

Many links and Resources available here can be found easily on the web. This web site is linked to many networks that connect to many information sources. This site will save you many days searching across the net. Good luck with your journey. Everyone needs love, food, shelter, and happiness. First... a little history from this site. On-line since February 11, 2008 Eight years ago we came on-line to provide a service for anyone looking for resources that related to homelessness and living on the street. There was no Federal Housing Policy at that time and since then it has been even more difficult to sort through the resources that are now available to those on-line willing to do their own homework. The old site reflects where we stood eight years ago. The question is? What has changed since then? Here is the original site archived as it was eight years ago. http://www.housinghomeless.ca/oldho use.html Below the header read... Before you vote in the May 12 Election, please watch this important video from the BCGEU! "Broken Promises: Government Neglect of B.C. Families and Communities" www.workingtv.com/brokenpromises